Prior to Rogue we’ve been involved in the ATV business for 35 years. We grew up with ATV’s and we breathe gasoline. The love for the sport resulted in one of our co-founders being the first ever Dutchmen who drove an ATV in the Dakar rally of 2005. But originated from a farming area we do appreciate the benefits ATV’s and UTV’s have to offer in the agricultural sector.

When you get as close with your market as we did, you will start to notice some flaws or just things that straight up bother you. For us it was the traditional way of supply and distribution and perhaps most of all the lack of research and development for the products in our market. Nevertheless we dislike being on the sideline. Complaining can be done from a luxury position.

This is our best attempt to improve our products and our market, through passion. Nice to meet you we are Rogue.

Our products are made and produced by Hisun, China.