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General Principles

Warranty And Service Measures for ATV and UTV is prepared to regulate actions for warranty and returns of engines, spare parts, ATVs and UTVs made by Chongqing Huansong Industries (Group) Co., Ltd and sold by Rogue Motors B.v. (hereinafter referred to as Rogue). Furthermore, to ensure the lawful rights and interests of consumers and to guarantee the implementation of after-sale services for ATV and UTV products.

Mission for Warranty Service: In the faith of “Quality First, Customers First”, to passionately do a good job for customers reception, rightly analyze and identify quality problems with down-to-earth attitude and to strictly carry out vehicle warranty according to warranty policy.

Warranty Principle: During warranty period, Rogue will be in charge of warranty when quality problems (except problems caused by misoperation of users) arise, and the Company will freely provide new spare parts for the replacement of the spare parts which have quality problems and are under warranty, but expenses for repair should be borne by dealers.

II Warranty Scope

Time: within 24 months since the date of purchase at your dealer;

Requirements for Use: Users have to operate vehicles strictly according to Users Manual.

III. Scope Not under Warranty

  • All the vehicles which have been used for race
  • Vehicles whose service life has exceeded limited time for warranty.
  • Damages caused by misoperation and bad maintenance of users; abnormal wears and damages caused by poor quality oil and gas.
  • Damages duo to disassembly and movement carried out by persons who are in charge of maintaining but not approved by HSUN.
  • Problems and damages duo to Force Majeure and chemical corrosion
  • Damages caused by retrofitting or adding or getting rid of accessories at random
  • Options (winches, windshield etc.)
  • Phenomenon such as noise, vibration and heating which may just felt but has no effect to mechanical performance
  • Spare parts such as filament, fuse, sponge in air filter, gas filter, brake pad, friction lining, oil pie, spokes standard part, rear mirror, sealing part, rubber article and spark plug which are naturally worn


  • Spare parts whose sources are unknown are not under warranty
  • Signal light bulbs whose faults are identified when buying vehicles may be freely replaced; but they are not under warranty after delivery.
  • Painting, chrome plating, plastic parts (right and left side covers, front and rear plastic fenders), glass parts (such as headlight decorate glass, turning light chimneys, rear mirrors) whose faults are identified when buying vehicles may be freely replaced; but they are not under warranty after delivery (but in stipulated period, because of quality problems such as depainting and dechrome, they are still under warranty.)
  • Normal wear on moving parts which are not under warranty.
  • Naturally worn calipers and friction linings of disc brakes are not under warranty, but if something wrong with braking surface, disc brakes are still under warranty.
  • Batteries are not under warranty.